It was like a “Thriller” film i saw a couple years back on TV

I remember this one graphic scene briefly.

It starts with this guy at a bar, and then there comes some other guy to drink with him. The guy who was there first drugs the other guy, and they start walking out of the bar. The guy lets the drugged guy walk someway into the distance (i don’t remember if there was a car) and stabs some other guy who comes from the back. I don’t remember if there was anuthing between this, but, the drugged guy is in a apartment or basement or some kind of interior, in a “torture device” i don’t really remember but i think he was hanging from some strings attached to him, in a sitting position. And the “device” held his eyes open. The guy who bought him there, puts some sort of syringe in his own hand, and comes to a chair in front of the torture device. (He has a table full of knives and other things) and i don’t remember what he does to himself but, sometime later there is a scene where his body is found in the chair. Then there is this other scene and the only thing i remember is that a girl hands a “detective” a plastic bag with a fetus inside… That’s all i remember

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