Help me please stressing me out

So this is really stressing me out now!


Film im sure it’s a conspiracy film and the bad person is part of the government and at the end of the film they prove that he killed loads of African villages I’m sure it might be to do with oil. The film may have a flash drive In it that proves that the guy is guilty


dont know if this is the same film but in the end scene I’m sure the guy gets shot in the shoulder and the woman thinks he is dead but he ends up saving her in the last scene by like crawling up to her


4 thoughts on “Help me please stressing me out

    1. Detailed plot on Wikipedia:

      Quote from the above Wikipedia plot description:
      “Once they find him, he commits suicide after revealing that the archbishop was actually the real target and was murdered to prevent him revealing U.S. involvement in the massacre of an Eritrean village. The massacre was carried out on behalf of a consortium of American corporate oil interests headed by corrupt Senator Charles Meachum. Swagger records the ex-sniper’s confession of his involvement in the African massacre and then, with Memphis’ assistance, escapes from an ambush by mercenaries.”

      1. I’ve seen shooter loads!! Thanks though.

        I’m sure there’s no flash drive in the film.

        I’m pretty sure in the film there are in a big court room loads of people there and the villan didn’t realise they have this footage/proof that he killed the villages. And I remember they bad guy was shocked!! I hope I haven’t dreamed this film lmao

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