it is about a monster raping women

it is about a monster raping women, that die because of the rape – english language – watched it at least 20 years ago on TV – in color – there is this guy looking for somebody (a monster) that rapes women, that usually die because of the severity of the rape – there is a scene that is in the past, where a woman is tortured by monks i think and suddenly this monster invades, rapes her, but she is the only one that doesn’t die, she gives birth to a child – in the future, in the end of the movie, the guy looking for the monster (he thinks that the monster could be himself) goes in a mansion – while he is in a room doing something, on the upper floor his girlfriend (i think she was his girlfriend) is with a woman journalist that is helping him with his research on the monster – suddenly he hears screams and he goes upstairs to find his girlfriend beinng raped by the female journalist, that was the monster indeed (i think she was the child that has been born by the rape of that woman in the past or something like that) – she was transforming but she didn’t know(?) – i think i remember it like that, it was a long long time ago – must have been a 70’s-80’s film…

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