Boy looks for father at model shoot

I only really remember one scene and the general background of the story. There was a boy whose father had either left when he was a baby ( or quite young ) or didn’t know he had children ( there were siblings I believe, at least one other ). They were in a city, I believe they had recently moved there. At any rate the boy somehow found out his father worked. He snuck off ( on a bus? walked? may have skipped school ) and went to the building where his father worked. They were doing a photo shoot for a department store ad or catalog. I don’t know if the father was the photographer, set designer or director or what. The boy sees his father ( or who he believes is his father ) and just freezes, dumbfounded. The mans sees him, thinking he is one of the models and says something o the effect of “don’t just stand there, get changed”. I believe the boy does indeed model. I don’t think he reveals he’s the son at that point or maybe it turns out he wasn’t the father after all. I remember the mother chewing him out for leaving unaccompanied and without permission in the next scene.

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