ISO dark crime drama color film I saw in the 90s

I am ISO a movie I saw when I was a kid… I don’t remember much of it but there are two parts that have seared into my mind.
I believe the movie was made in the 90s
1st memory is of a mother, son and daughter/daughters? Swimming in a lake together (probably not so helpful :/)
The second is of that same family dancing together in their home when suddenly a couple of men (a man?) break in and rape the boy and maybe mother? I can’t remember if they were murdered or not.

Anyway, I know this is a long shot but I figured I’d post anyway… ty, in advance 👌

2 thoughts on “ISO dark crime drama color film I saw in the 90s

  1. That is definitely it. The swimming scene, which I vaguely recalled, is at the very end of the trailer. The rape which I definitely remember is a plot reveal so is not in the trailer.

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