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Woman speared through stage

The climax of this movie involves a dance sequence on stage. At the end of a dance, one of the dancer pretends to kill another with a spear, but the spear actually goes through a panel on the stage floor. Unbeknownst to the dancers, another woman has crawled under the stage, and she gets killed by the spear. When she screams, the audience boos. The make dancer asks the female dancer why she screamed and ruined their dance, but she claims that she did not scream. I think that leads to the discovery of the dead woman under the stage. I saw it as a child on TV, but I think it was a movie, probably the Saturday night horror movie. This would have been in the 70s.

Action/karate movie

I remember this movie or possibly tv show (almost positive it was a movie) easter weekend probably about 12 years ago.

There was a guy,who I am pretty sure was a cop, who was training for some big showdown. I believe he was also with an Asian lady. Possibly a chosen one trope and he had to protect something.

The main thing I remember is that there was a scene where he was talking his finger on a board to strengthen them. Possibly in a montage.

Not much to go one but I was a kid when I saw it. The only thing I remember is wolf with Jack Mickelson was on tv  the same weekend.

What is this show called

Im looking for a show I watched on Netflix a few years ago, like 3 years ago I believe.. all I can remember is this certain scene where there’s two guys in pretty sure there brothers, who are on the run from something bad I wanna say it’s zombies but I honestly can’t rememebr.. so they are this convenience store and one of the guys is really smart I remember and he’s looking at this girl saying she has nice hair then gets in detail about how her hair looks nice and voluminous because she probably hasn’t washed her hair in a few days and the grease and build up makes it go like that lol  it’s all I can remember, I watched it with some people but no one remembers the name !! 🙁 I wish I can continue watching that show. Please anyone help me out if you can! Much appreciated

Shot in the back while doing the nasty

Okay, so I’m trying to find out what movie I saw when I was pretty young. I’m 22 now. I should not have been watching it because the ONLY thing I remember is that there was sex and full frontal female nudity and violence. All I’ve got to give is one scene but it’s a unique one: I remember it being historical and the male lead is boneing the chick in like a natural hot spring I guess??? When BAM, he’s shot in the back with an arrow by what I’m assuming was an assassin before they can finish the deed. This has been bugging me for years and I’m curious about what movie it was. xD

ISO dark crime drama color film I saw in the 90s

I am ISO a movie I saw when I was a kid… I don’t remember much of it but there are two parts that have seared into my mind.
I believe the movie was made in the 90s
1st memory is of a mother, son and daughter/daughters? Swimming in a lake together (probably not so helpful :/)
The second is of that same family dancing together in their home when suddenly a couple of men (a man?) break in and rape the boy and maybe mother? I can’t remember if they were murdered or not.

Anyway, I know this is a long shot but I figured I’d post anyway… ty, in advance 👌

Eyes in the window

This movie (or episode) was on TV in the late 60s or most likely the early 70s. I would have sworn it was an episode from “Ghost Story” or “Circle of Fear”, but I’ve looked at those episode titles and descriptions, and it’s not there.

There is a family living in a house where just before something scary happens, you can see what looks like eyes in the bottom right corner of a picture, mirror, or window in the house. I believe the characters notice this, it’s made a point of in the story. It’s like the house is possessed.

They eventually call in someone to help them. I don’t know if it’s a professional investigating paranormal activity, or just a friend of the family. Apparently, whatever he or she does cleanses the house, and everyone relaxes.

At the end, this person leaves the family, backing out of their driveway to go back to town. The family is waving good-bye, and I think the woman might be holding her baby as she waves. The camera pans over to the back porch, and in the window you can see little lit up dots, looking like eyes, in the bottom corner of the window.

It scared me to see it at the time, and I’ve been looking for it for years. I keep thinking we’ll hear about a “Circle of Fear” or “Ghost Story” lost episode, but it could also have been another series, or a made-for-TV movie.

I really hope someone has also seen and remembered this movie, because it’s driving me nuts.