insane woman


I’m afraid that what I remember from the movie I’m looking for, is very, very vague. I’ve seen it as a child. The only thing – and this really is the only thing – I  remember, is a scene with a mad woman (I don’t remember whether she was young or old, I think the latter), holding a knife or an axe, and always saying or singing something that sounded like ‘nanny-nanny-nanny…. nanny-nanny-nanny’. It really scared me (probably somewhere in the seventies). It was English spoken, probably British (maybe a movie made for TV), but it might also be American. That’s really all I remember, sorry… !   Thanks in advance, Marc.

5 thoughts on “insane woman

  1. This might be it, I’m not sure, I’ll have to watch the whole movie first (looks entertainig :)). I’ll let you know, thanks!

    1. Hi thanks, but I’m afraid this is not it… It must have been another movie. Anyway, this one seems interesting enough to watch 🙂

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