Indoor swimming pool murder mystery

Movie in which a husband and wife move to a house in the country. The wife thinks she’s going crazy (?). It turns out the husband has been drugging her, she dies when she goes horseback riding and falls off (?). We find out that the husband has been having an affair with the woman who he met at the museum at the beginning of the film. After his wife dies, he ends up killing the other woman and the final scene is her body floating in the indoor swimming pool as he sits at the side.

1 thought on “Indoor swimming pool murder mystery

  1. It has been awhile since I saw the film, but you might be describing the movie Endless Night with Hayley Mills from 1972. I remember the husband and the mistress (Britt Ekland) met at a museum in the beginning. It was a good movie, but I’m not exactly sure it is the one you mean.

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