Indie movie set in UK involving a train station – Shown on IFC?

Okay, so I saw this movie back in 2012 (summer-fall time) on Insight (Time Warner) OnDemand. I’m fairly certain the channel was IFC, but could have been Sundance or another independent movie channel’s OnDemand.

Anyway, so this movie was a British film, and was set in England (judging by the accents). In the beginning, this woman who lives with her 3-ish year old daughter has a “playdate” with the neighbor and his young son. Actually, she is sleeping with the neighbor-man (who is married to her friend), and early in the film, the woman’s young daughter walks in on them, and the girl is wearing some weird mask (think halloween). The mother freaks and, soon after, ends the affair with the neighbor.

Also towards the beginning, this old man is at the train station waiting on his wife? And talking about love and stuff, like a voice over I think.

Anyway, The woman from the beginning meets this guy at a train station (not the old man – some young guy), and the movie is kind of about their love story? She spends most of the movie trying to find him, he rides a bike at some point, and she rides a bike in the rain in a scene? Something about bicycles.

Oh, and the father of the little girl is like a musician and comes to pick her up at some point, like for visitation. The mother and him argue?

If it helps, the little girl has super crazy hair, and the woman is blond. I think everyone’s English too…

Please help.

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  1. Great job Adam! But, I can’t credit you with the Solve, because your account has mysteriously disappeared from the database. Maybe you answered the question and deleted your account?

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