In fIght to the death man uses outboard motor as weapon

Hi everyone. I saw a movie on TV in the late ’70’s – early 80’s in which in one scene two muscular men (one dark-skinned, the other light – probably) were fighting for their lives inside something like a large equipment shed, possibly storing marine paraphenalia. One grabs an outboard motor (that happens to be sitting there), starts it and uses its spinning propeller blade as a weapon. As I recall, the outcome of the fight is not immediately revealed and it is not until a later scene where the audience sees one of the two men that they can conclude what happened. In a later scene the blood-stained walls of the shed might be shown as the body of the dead man is discovered.

So much for the details I am sure of, now moving into more speculative waters… the plot is probably about two antagonistic groups of characters, one good, the other bad, competing to obtain something of value. (Incidentally, the man who died in the fight was probably on the ‘good’ side and therefore obviously not the male lead) The story may have a marine theme, set on or near the sea, possibly some sort of salvage job or dive for treasure.

The film was probably in colour, probably made for the big screen, probably there is a love interest sub-plot. Story was contemporary with the time of production which I guess was in the 1960’s or 50’s.

Hope someone can identify this film. As I recall it, the fight scene is sufficiently dramatic to be quite memorable therefore someone who has seen the movie is bound to know its name. Thanks.

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    1. Thanks very much, RiverSong, I think you have identified it.

      Now, if I can only figure out how to mark this as ‘solved’. Although I am logged in I don’t see an option for doing this.

      1. You don’t mark it solved, you just have to respond and give credit to the solver, then the administrator marks it solved.

      2. You’re welcome, glad I could help 🙂
        I just watched it recently so the fight was still clear in my memory 😀

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