Solo yacht race with female stowaway

Hi everyone. I’m trying to identify a film I saw on TV about a wealthy young man who competes in a solo long-distance (i.e. taking a number of days to complete) yacht race. Unbeknownst to him, he has a young woman stowaway. They have had some sort of relationship in the past but since broken up. When he discovers her on board, some hours after the race has started, he is furious, probably because under race rules he will be disqualified. I expect he has some still unresolved issues with the woman too.  However, he continues to compete in the race (!) and as time goes by their relationship becomes amicable and then romantic to the point where they anchor up and have sex. In the end I think he wins the race though this seems highly improbable in that he anchored up for some hours and had too many people on board! Perhaps it’s a metaphor for winning the girl?

I don’t know whether it was a made-for-TV or silver-screen production. Either way it was probably quite low budget.  It was probably in colour, and contemporary with the time of production which was mostly likely the 1960’s, though if a made-for-TV movie it could have been the 1970’s.

Thanks for any title suggestions.

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