I’m going insane!

Okay. Near the end of this feature film, a character, whom I believe is female, transforms into a creature. Like a Satanic Deer, or something. I’m 99% sure it was released post 2015. It’s a thriller/horror movie. I think it’s in english, though i can’t be certain. I’m going mad over this one!

9 thoughts on “I’m going insane!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Dean. I’ve only watched Takashi Miike episode as far as i can remember. Which Season/Episode Number are you refering to?

        1. Similar creature. Different Film. I’m gonna rewatch the ABC’s of Horror. I’m thinking it was part that anthology.

    1. I rewatched Holidays. Wasn’t a match, but entertaining nonetheless. I should add that, in the film i’m thinking of, the man/woman exists the backdoor of a building (home?), and then transforms. It’s a very shocking and unexpected scene.

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