I watched a hong kong action movie when I was under 10 years old (2000)

I can perfectly remember the beginning of the movie. The couple of cars were driving on the road and suddenly they were driving on two wheel.
-There was two henchmen who looked like Jaw and Oddjob from Bond’s movies. They first appeared on the top of the elevator. Oddjob got some kind of gloves which could squeeze any metal. Jackie Chan (maybe) escaped them and the guys started arguing.
-He landed in the river and got captured by the submarine where he met British queen. The queen gave him the mission: retrieve a precious stone for Brittist Empire
-Bunch of Santa Claus wannabes performed a heist in the museum and escaped using jetpacks. Some children around were too amused when they saw it.
-Cody, friend of main character, is bald police officer with light mustache. He got married and got a baby son. In one scene, his son cried too loud and he solved it by covering the ears.
-Jackie Chan intruded into one facility to get something. Only thing I can remember is that he wore gray suit and used some metal sticks to recode alarm system. Well, he played tic-tac-toe with it.
-After that, Cody got suspicious on Jackie and took him to interrogation room. Unlucky, he got aliby so Cody didn’t get anything from him.
-Jackie met Jaw again and got captured, threw him in the trap room of the submarine with white-jacket woman. Jackie used a device to activate floating jacket to avoid drowing. Later the queen opened the door and got them out. It turned out to be faked queen and she was an aunt of the woman.
-They got away and heading to the quarry mine where was the kidnapper of Cody’s son. Cody and wife were here too. The police squad were trying to negotiate. The kidnapper would only release the son if Jackie gave him a suitcase he requested. Jackie and villain were facing. Cody yelled “poke his eye” and his son did that. The villain lost balance, got shot and threw the kid. Jackie jumped, Cody and wife too. Jackie cought the baby, the couple cought his leg and now they were in the air. The squad had to hurry and deploy the landing site for them.
My god. I can’t remember the name of the movie but details I can.

2 thoughts on “I watched a hong kong action movie when I was under 10 years old (2000)

  1. Also known as. “Mad Mission 3: Our Man from Bond Street”.

    Here is the trailer from YouTube. You can see the Santa Clause thieves and the jet pack scenes starting at about 2:06.

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