Art House/Giallo-esque Film w/ Miracle Kid

Saw this once in a film studies class. I think it was made around the 80’s, and set in a surrealist Greco-Roman type backdrop. It starts with an introduction to this counsel and a woman giving birth to a prophesied son. The mother dies or something, so the counsel finds a foster mother to be his guardian. I don’t remember a lot of what happens in the middle but, about 5 years go by, and I think the kid had been performing (Christ-like) miracles, proving that he was the messiah. The foster mother goes crazy (or gets possessed or something), and one day she snaps. I believe she killed the boy and tried to hide him in a barn. Then she tries to sleep with this guy in the barn, but the guy notices the dead messiah child and kills the woman in a fit of rage. The whole neighborhood comes out to the stable to investigate all of the noise. I think they end up accusing the man of both murders. I also think at one  point they realized the mom was going crazy, so they tried to arrested her, but she escaped.

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