I remember this scene in a movie

Okay so the scene. It was in English. Colored. I saw it on tv but I think it was too long to be a tv show but I don’t really now. A Brunet girl takes pills in the bathroom to make her suicide, then a guy passes by and sees her. She rushes to her aid and shoves his finger down her throat to make her vomit the pills down the toilet. Then I briefly remember a blond girl telling a dark skinned man that this girl who attempted suicide doesn’t deserve the man who saved her. Something like that. Now I’ve lost my mind looking for this movie. I’ve seen it when I was young. I remember the girl had a fatherly relationship with a bald old man Maybe her father? I remember a scene where she was sitting in a car outside this old man’s house and they were in a fight but he let her in non the less.  

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