I remember these animations/movies

I need help finding these, my family and I were so fond of them and they are important. This is what I remember- it would have been between 2000-2005- we recorded them onto cassette – the first had an artistic style and was about a girl falling down a hole into a trolls home/ lair/cave- there was themes of conditions because the troll was a good being but was just a victim to his conditioning- the collect sticks for the fire and eventually the girl runs back to her village through the fog and mist- the troll is destroyed inside- the animation must have been from the 80’s- late nineties. The second is weird- it had a very cryptic, gnostic type feel to it with definite underlying metaphors- there was a baby in a room on top of a cliff and the baby is playing with balls that are meant to be the sun, stars and moon, a man warns the baby to be careful and not to mess with them- the baby loses control and knocks one of the balls across the room out over the cliff edge- if it is the same one there was a man that turned into a crow and a scene with a waterfall where something swims down the waterfall and as it goes through the stream it evolves- I think they all were overdubbed in English presumably from Poland – this was unlikely to be for children unless it was eastern civilisation where they teach their kids right, please if anyone can help I will be so thankful, it really means a lot –

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