I don’t remember the title

So I saw this movie when I was a child in one of those casettes for dvds. It was about a little boy with his brothers (there were quite a lot) living in a poor family I remember the parents tried to leave them multiple times cuz they couldn’t raise them but this boy kept leaving a trail of bread. Also at one moment they go to a place like a castle where a monster lived. He had many daughters and he killed all of them in their beds because he thought they were the boys. One of the daughters helped them to escape together. Also I remember the boy had some magical boots who helped him escape by flying. He flew over a battlefield and one of the soldiers gave him a letter for the queen or king I can’t remember. It was a happy ending the boys were playing in the water in the end. Also I’m 99 percent sure the movie wasn’t english but I don’t know the language it was in. My guesses would be either french or greek.

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  1. It is solved, but we never found out if it was “Le petit poucet” (1972) or “Le petit poucet” (2001).

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