Horse Movie

I’m trying to find a cartoon/ animated movie, I think it was made like in the 90’s. It was in color, and English. I think it had a cowboy, so it might have been a western film. I can only remember two scenes from this movie.

The first scene was I think a grandfather and granddaughter riding in a wagon that was being pulled by a white mare. I think he was singing to her, I can’t remember about what, but I do remember him apologizing every time the wagon would go over a bump. I think he would say something like, “excuse me, ma’am,” and keep singing.

The second scene is about the same white mare in a field with a red stallion with white socks and a white stripe down his forehead. They had a colt, he was like a chestnut/sorrel color white socks and white marking on his face and with like a yellow mane and tail. The colt plays with a dog, grey and white, and a cat/skunk, while the mare and stallion eat and relax, but the colt ends up running off and the dog and cat follow him and they end up face to face with a mountain lion, the dog stays behind with the colt while the cat goes and gets help from the stallion. The dog protects the colt, but gets knocked out and the stallion defeats the mountain lion by knocking it off the mountain/cliff. Then the stallion puts the dog on the colts back and they go home.


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