horror/thriller where they start to suspect the cop as the killer

i don’t remember when this movie came out, but i know it wouldn’t be super old, like it wasn’t an 80’s movie i know that, it would be in the 2000’s, 90’s at the earliest. now, im not certain if this was just a standard crime, drama, thriller, or if it was a horror, but the scene i remember is this. the cops are looking for a serial killer (weather it actually was a normal guy killing people or some kind of horror monster, i don’t remember), and one of the detectives working on the case has an informant/snitch that worked as an icecream man i believe. the cop or detective ends up having a dream that shows exactly how his informant dies and where the killer left the clue. the snitch was killed in either an icecream truck or a van of some sort. CSI is searching the vehicle for evidence and another clue (i don’t remember how the informant was killed unfortunately) and they say something like “He didn’t leave anything behind for us, there’s no clue anywhere.” then the detective says “Check the drawer.” and they find like a cassette tape or a letter or something in there (i know it wasn’t one of the saw movies). later on, another cop/detective that was working on the case, (i can’t remember if this guy was the detective’s partner or just his friend or something), sits down next to him and says something along the lines of this. “You know they’re starting to think it was you. I mean it was YOUR informant and you just happened to know exactly where the killer left the next clue?? People are getting suspicious.” that’s about all i can remember about it. oh, the movie was in color and in english.

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