Horror/Supernatural movies

I have two supernatural movies to ask about, I watched them a long time ago so they are from the 80s, 90s or early 2000s  First One: All I remembered is a group of friends went to a place but it’s haunted and they locked themselves inside a building and they see a ghost girl walking backwards and one of the girls shout to the others to play the video backwards (reverse the video). The way the ghost girl walk backwards looks scary/creepy                                                                  Second One: A group of friends go to a place but one of them died and it’s like between 1-10 years later or so , they go back to the spot, midnight, after midnight, or a full moon night when he/she died and tried/succeeded to raise he/she back from the dead.                            

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  1. Could the first one be one of The Ring movies (The Ring, The Ring Two, Rings)? If I recall correctly, at some point it’s figured out that watching the video backwards reverses the curse.

    1. No is not the ring, Is long before the ring movie come out , I watched it, is a 80s or 90s movie, but thanks for trying

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