2000s war thriller/suspense movie

This movie was made sometime in the last 20 years. I think it’s a foreign film with English subtitles. The setting is an isolated post for a group of soldiers who are basically stranded as they await further instructions which would be transmitted through their radio. Its definitely set no earlier than WW2 but I’m fairly certain its actually quite a bit more modern than that. I think the film opens with the soldiers clearing land mines. Their isolated post might be surrounded by land mines which restricts their ability to leave. Early on in the film the group of soldiers comes across a mysterious man, maybe a prisoner. The man either doesn’t speak or doesn’t speak their language. He is found to be unsettling by some soldiers who don’t trust him. I think this character is important to the eventual mental breakdown of these isolated soldiers. There may be an aspect of a malevolent force or something demonic about this man which leads to heightened tensions.


I can’t remember much else, except a faint recollection of their being a lot of fog or snow in this European setting.


I remember the film being very good and so I think the only reason I’m having trouble finding it amongst list of best 2000s war films is that a) I think it’s foreign and b) its not so much about “war” as the psychological drama of these men isolated at this post, so it may not come to mind for “war” movie lists.


Thanks for any help you brave souls can offer!

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