Horror (possibly TV-)movie before 1990

Hi all,

Could you please try to help me find this movie? I cannot forget it even though it was a really bad horror movie because my grandfather took out the fuse to stop us watching it on TV in Belgium in French (probably dubbed, looked like a German or Nordic setup) in the late 80’s. I was 4 or 5 and I keep this vivid image of a little girl in a cave with a wound on her arm that was throbbing like something wanted to come out of her arm and we see a shadow on the cave wall of a potential monster with growling sounds and then poof, no more image because the power had been cut out. From what I remember of the story, the girl had been scratched on the arm in the woods near the cave by the monster or wathever it was (I didn’t see it since it was about to appear at the poof moment), her parents take her to the hospital where they try a few things buts when her skin begins to move and swell, the dictors say they cannot do anything and the parents are afraid of their daughter and decide to drive her back to the cave and leave her in there to let the monster find her. I know it sounds f***ed up and there’s not nearly enough info in this story to figure out what this movie is, but please help me find it so I can finally get some closure by watching the end. My grandfather was a doctor and I think he cut the power because he didn’t like how medecine was powerless to save that little girl, or how the parents decided to abandon her. Thank you very much for your help

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