Horror movie where people turn into these cocoon monsters?

Hello All!

So I’m trying to figure out what movie my parents saw when I was too young to see it.  They were at a drive in theater and it must have come out in the early to mid 90s.  I managed to pop my head up and catch a few scenes.  The one I remember most is there was a woman who was, possibly looking at herself in a mirror, and her fingers started to grow rapidly and she started screaming and it cut the scene (I think).  Then another scene I remember is there was a guy who approached this crazy cocoon monster thing that I assume is what she turned into.  Anyway, he approached it very cautiously and then a woman’s voice came from it saying “I’m not going to hurt you” .  I think she was killing people or something and he was there to kill her?  That’s all I remember.  It’d be great if someone could put an end to my wondering!  Thank you for your responses!!!

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