A medieval fantasy film

So I’m searching for this film for years I watched it around 2000, but its probaly from the 80’s or 90’s It takes place in a fantasy world with medieval features. At the start of the story, a man gives an amulet to his son just before facing a king in a duel. The king kills him and his son runs away. Later, the monarch finds a newborn girl abandoned in a forest and decides to take her to his /castle/palace. The girl is given a name and raised along with the king’s true daughter.

After several years, the girl from the forest develops exceptional magical powers, making the king’s daughter envious. The former maintains a cold posture towards her foster family. At the end, it is revealed that this girl is actually member of a pack of wolves with magical habilities who turned to human form for some reason I can’t remember. She then turns back to her wolf-form and reunites with her real family.

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