Horror Movie – Driving me nuts for decades!

Hey friends! I don’t have much to go off of here, but these are the details:

I saw a scene on the TV in the late 80s I believe. I remember it because it scared me a bit when I was that young. I don’t know if it was a TV program or a rented movie. I was a bit too young and I think I was supposed to be in bed when I saw the scene.

The movie was in English. It was in color. I feel like there was a girl in a dress, but the dress could be imagined. The only scene I can really recall is the girl coming down some stairs and killing someone at the kitchen table. I believe she slashed her face with a knife and then put it into a pie or a plate of food.  She may have killed someone upstairs before coming downstairs. The scene didn’t seem high paced, more of a slow tempo creepy walk down the stairs and then the murder.

I hope this is enough to go off of!


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