Okay, I saw this movie in late 90s early 2000s on TV. It was in color and I’m pretty sure it was American. It was kind of a dark drama type film. Here’s what I remember.

These two girls either ran away with, or, were kidnapped by a guy. The guy had dark hair and so did one of the girls. The girls were young teens. They went to some kind of amusement park/carnival either after it closed or it was run down and abandoned. While they were there, one of the girls killed a rat by smashing it with a huge mallet. Like one of the mallets that’s used for the game where you hit the bottom and the thing goes up and rings a bell, To test your strength.

Another scene is one of the girls gets her period, maybe for the first time, freaks out and tries to flush her underwear down the toilet. The guy finds the underwear and gets mad at her for clogging the toilet with them.

This is all I can remember but I’ve been trying to find this movie for years now. Any help is appreciated!

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