Horror movie

I’m about to lose my mind trying to remember this movie!

First off, no, I don’t recall who was in it or the year it was made but I believe it was in 2000s. I saw it several years ago and it is a horror movie that I remember starting out with 4 boys, 2 were brothers, wandering around what I believe was an abandoned carnival/amusement park. They come across an attraction that they couldn’t access. The name on it couldn’t be read I think cause it wasn’t in English. There was some sort of box with a handle I think, and if it could be turned so many times it was supposed to open. When they were going to give up a message somehow showed up, can’t remember exactly how, but I remember it saying they had to make some sort of deal to get it open. When they agreed it opened. A coaster car comes around and one of them is supposed to get in and ride it through. The oldest of the two brothers made his younger brother get in. They watch him ride off but when the car returns the boy is missing but something of his was left behind, I think it was his hat or maybe a jacket. They boy was never found and if I’m remembering right when the boys became adults and had families etc they each started having bad luck all around and they knew they had to return to finish whatever that deal was. They go back and the entity or whatever it was takes vengeance on them and I remember the brother of the missing boy got in the car of that ride and was going through and it showed us from his eyes what his brother had seen… but I don’t think it showed us everything… I kind of think it ended there.

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