Horror movie

I saw the movie recently and not sure if it was from redbox or netflix. It was a newer movie. A family moved into a new house and the daughter was in trouble with her father and as punishment he told her to clean the garage (boxes left from the previous family that lived there). One scene a group of kids on bicycles ride by while she is cleaning and basically stares and is afraid to tell her what happened in the house prior to them living there. She finds a photo and starts doing a little research on the family. A teenage boy still was living in the attic of the home and had passages through the walls. Another scene the teenage boy uncovers the girl while she is sleeping, he also kills her boyfriend later on and no one realizes he is gone bc he snuck in without the parents permission. At one point the girl is captured by the “squatter” and he takes her into the walls. She finally gets her mouth uncovered and is screaming for help. Finally the dad huts a hole in the wall and she is trying to get to it. She did not get to the hole he made but she did make it out through the attic. Please help me find this movie!

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