Horror: killer can’t be killed

Hi guys,

I’m looking for the name of this horror movie I rented on DVD around 2011, I believe the title consisted of two words, it might have been “Name Surname” (like “Ed Gein”), but I’m not sure at all.

The killer, a big guy with long and messy hear and who’s wearing dirty denim overalls, is finally killed and buried at a certain point in the movie, only to dig his way out of the grave some time later, and to continue his killing spree.

The movie has a very, very disturbing scene, so if you’ve seen it, I’m sure you’ll remember:

The maniac has tied up an elderly woman in her kitchen, she’s sitting on a chair and behind her are windows and daylight is shining through, so can see her silhouette very clearly (right side of the screen). The scene takes a long time: the killer relaxes for a while in a sofa in the living room (left side of the screen). Then he gets up and starts walking around the lady. She’s talking, asking him not to do whatever he’s planning. He doesn’t answer, as he never talks. He has a small hammer. It seems like he’s deciding where to start. He hits her for the first time, gently. She’s crying, pleading him to stop. He hits her again, on the other side of her head, and a little harder. He hits her in a different spot every time. This goes on and on and on, until you notice that she has stopped crying. In the end, nothing is left but a small part of her spine above her torso, where her neck used to be.

I should never have watched that. If you could help me with the title, maybe I will be able to stop thinking about it…


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