Action movie where villain gets in woman’s face

As a kid, I saw the end of a movie on TV back in the early to mid 2000s. The movie itself was probably from the ’90s or early ’00s. I believe it was an action movie where a man was trying to save a little kid from something (not sure of the situation or the kid’s gender, may have been a girl). The kid’s mother was upset and crying about how her kid was in danger. A villainous character was really close to her face, speaking softly to her like he was trying to “comfort” her. He seemed to have romantic/sexual interest in her and I remember thinking they were going to kiss. The villain’s voice was kind of high-pitched and he came across as effeminate even though he was into the woman. I think he did actually try to kiss her at one point but she stopped him. I also remember a scene where the hero saves the kid from a helicopter and the kid is crying.

There is a similar scene like this in the movie Virtuosity (1995) but that is not the movie I’m thinking of. This movie was not sci-fi or fantasy, it was a pretty typical action flick. All of the characters involved (hero, woman, child, villains) were white.

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