Horror goreish movie with realistic guts props

Realistic props is the main thing I remember, it was on TV but I’m sure it was a movie, the date could be between 2010 and 2015 (but I’m terrible remembering dates, so), it was in colour and English, can’t say anything about the actors. NOW WHAT I REMEMBER: a psychopathic boy shows a carton box to his classmates (two girls probably) INSIDE OF IT there’s a dissected mouse with it’s guts showing and the skin spread to display them. THE NEXT THING I recall is the same boy, now a man, recreating that torture with one of the girls BUT IT TURNS OUT she wasn’t actually dissected, it was a prop he put around her waist, he rips it off in front of someone else, probably the other classmate girl. And that’s all. It looked inspired by Final Destination or Saw but it wasn’t from any of those sagas.

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