chinese movie series ugly guy and pretty girl

it was a chinese movie that started with a nerdy “unatractive” boy doing private things he rememberd his mom yelling at him for doing it that’s all i remeber for the intro, this guy was a transfer student at a highschool he was being introduced to his new class . He fell in love at first sight with a girl that had her hair was dyed burgundy red with a side bang and black smokey eyeshadow. I remember some scenes when she sneaked in school and fell from the bridge but the nerdy guy caught her and but she just ignored fim and went away, and another scene where she went to the boys bathroom with her girlfriends to smoke but the teacher caught them and ran away, mind you they were wearing the school red gym set. The guy tried to grab her attention by puting origami folded letters with love quotes daily and always tried to talk to her or take her home and the girl slowly started to fall in love with him. They started dating and one day she got kidnapped from this shady hostess bar company with other girls and he went and searched for her and struggled to find her. He found her but the boss found the school and followed her to a empty classroom attempting to sexually assault her but the guy tried to protect her and she ran away lemme tell you he got beat up real hard, also there were two teachers hooking up and they watched everything in fear behind the tables of the classroom.  Then she finished school still dating that guy and she became a group idol singer, they were happy. Thats all i remember from that scene. This is probably a series of films because i rember after she retired from singing she started taking defence classes and went to the military to be a cop police officer and she found out that the nerdy guy did some sort of crime and arrested him despite her feelings for him. That’s all i remember.

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