Horror (?) film partly/mostly set in an underground maze

This is a film I only vaguely remember, having watched it with my dad when I was young. I watched it probably in the mid-80s. but I have no idea how old it was at that point. We would have watched it on VHS unless it was on TV. I assume it was in English but it could’ve been one of those cheap Italian horrors from the 70s/80s.

Going purely by my memory I’d say almost the whole film was set in this underground labyrinth, with the hero trying to escape, but there could be more to it than that – presumably he does something to end up there in the first place. The maze was dark and gloomy (naturally, what with being underground!), I have a sense of lots of dark blues and blacks as the general colour tone. I have two specific memories of the film beyond this, though I have to say that neither is especially trustworthy and they could also come from different films – we watched a lot of dodgy horrors when I was a kid. If anyone recognises these individually that’d also be appreciated.

1) Towards the end the hero finds a wall with a big face in it. This face is either the ruler of the maze, or has some kind of power to help him escape. Either way, he gets out thanks to this wall-face character.

2) At the very end, we are back in the normal world, which I remember as a modern city like New York. As the camera pans across the street, a monster – one that had plagued the hero in the film while underground – bursts out of a bin bag or pile of rubbish, and the film ends.

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