Horror Film from 2000s, maybe 2010s..?

A horror film where college students go on college break at an older house in the desert. They awaken an Native American ghost that kills everybody besides one of the female college students who’s wearing an Native American pendant. Two college students, who I believe were twins, also get buried alive at the end by the ghost.

I also remember a girl walking nude blindfolded for a sorority challenge and the ghost messing with her.

4 thoughts on “Horror Film from 2000s, maybe 2010s..?

  1. Maybe….”Within: Terror Resides…”(2011)


    ‘A broken amulet once owned by a Cherokee Shamain unleashes an ancient curse. Tia, a girl of Native American ancestry, and her friends embark on a Spring Break Trip only to find themselves broken down in a very strange town. After the girls start disappearing one by one, Tia begins to question why the town seems so familiar to her…’

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