I saw this movie around 2000-2001 with some friends, we were just kids and because of that all of us fell sleep watching it and although I managed to stay up until late night I don´t remember it´s ending. I only remember two scenes of the movie.

The first scene of the movie or at least one of the first is a couple having sex on a moving train, the train enters a tunnel (everything goes pitch black) and after it leaves the girl continues to have sex (closed eyes) with her “boyfriend”. Later she actually opens them, sees the boyfriend dead in the seat in front of her and someone dressed in black is having sex with her and kills her with a hook.

Other scene that I remember is someone (possibly an old woman) riding some kind of chairlift, the image cut to the machine room and someone inverts the moving direction of the chairlift (bringing the woman back to him), next we can see this woman all chopped out in the moving chairlift.

Basically, the movie was about someone that kills using a hook and had these two scenes. Back then I´m sure I read the subtitles but can´t remember if the movie was in English or not. I saw it on TV but almost sure that we rented it in a blockbuster store. Movie was in color.

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