Help! Need Old movie name- stumped for last 50 years.

I was very young in the 1960s. I remember watching an old (40s or 50s) movie where an American (I believe she was American) married woman has an affair with a soldier overseas. Woman goes back home. The soldier ends up finding her years later when he becomes friends with husband.  However, soldier has amnesia, doesn’t remember their love affair and then starts to remember. Woman was scared soldier would tell her husband.

My mother sent me to bed and I never did get to finish the movie. Did he tell the husband about the affair???   I am 56 now and all of my life that movie has haunted me because I never got to see the ending. I don’t know the name so could never look it up. Not sure why this movie has held me captive for five decades but I’ve been watching TCMs for years every night before I go yo sleep waiting for that silly movie.

Does anyone know the name of this movie???? I would like to finish the movie before I leave this world. LOL. MUCH appreciation for any and all help!

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    1. Thank you, Will! I’ve seen all three of these movies hoping they were “the one” but sadly, they were not. The soldier becomes friends with the husband not knowing he is the husband of the woman for which he had an affair with over seas. He doesn’t even remember having an affair with this woman. When he goes to their home for dinner, he meets her and that’s when I believe his memory starts to come back. I also believe he was hurt while in the war and that’s why he lost his memory. It was more of a romantic drama then a romantic comedy.
      But again, I was so very young when I watched it. Again, this is a very old memory.

  1. Okay, I know you said that you think the movie is from the 40’s or 50’s. but it sounds an awful lot like the movie “Moment To Moment”(1965). I just wanted to put it out there, just in case!
    ‘Jean Seberg plays a bored housewife and mother vacationing on the French Riviera with her neglectful psychiatrist husband (Arthur Hill). While he is away on one of his frequent long business trips, she drifts into an affair with a hunky sailor (Sean Garrison). After a bad lover’s quarrel, she accidentally shoots the sailor, then she and her neighbor (Honor Blackman) drop his body in a nearby ravine. Later, he shows up in the company of her husband, but he has amnesia.
    Sorry I couldn’t find a clip or trailer!

    1. Sand!!! OMG!!! I think you may have finally found it for me!!! Maybe it was made in the 60’s and because I was so young was thinking it was much older. It was 50 years ago when I last seen it. I am going to do everything’s ng I can to find this movie to see if I can check it off my small Bucket a List!! I’ll let you know if it is the one. But I have a strong feeling- you nailed it!! THANK YOU!!!!!!! (Hug)

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