Help me find this,mostprobably,erotic movie!

So, it was a clip of a movie U had seen in 2007 in a collection sort of…All I remember is this:

The scene was about 4-5 mins long or may be shorter than that. The actress was wearing a Victorian age sort of white dress, the kind the elite ladies used to wear. Might be European also, not strictly British. The actress was reading a Japanese/Chinese book that had many sexual position drawings. In between reading, a scene played like a flashback where she was riding a white horse in a lush green field/garden. She was having sex on the horseback with a man. The actress was having sweats as she kept reading the book and the flashbacks kept playing.  As far as I remember, it wasn’t a porn movie per se… Might be an erotica, sort of like the Emanuela movies. The audio was pretty inaudible and back then I wasn’t in touch with too many English movies. Also, as my memory betrays me severely I cannot say for sure whether this was an English movie or in another language 🙁 Please help me, if anyone could from my vague descriptions, to find the movie…..!!!!

3 thoughts on “Help me find this,mostprobably,erotic movie!

  1. And just for information, its not the Chinese Kamasutra , 1994 movie. I have already checked it, and though the description somehow seemed similar, it is not! I have downloaded the movie and its not the same unfortunately!

  2. back in the 1970’s as a young teen , i saw a movie were a woman turned into bubbles. that is all i remember. yet i know it scared me, which is why after all these years i remember this. the woman had long black hair. saw the movie on nightmare theater with sammy terry in indiana.can anyone help? i want to watch it, to see why it scared me so way back when!

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