~90-2000 movie, detective about boy finding a truth about his father(?) suicide

I watched this movie on TV in first half on 2002, i remember it looked matching those years, so not older than 80s. It was detective-like, West-European or US/Canada – not sure, i can’t tell it’s original language – watched in translation. I’m searching for this movie quite long without luck, so started to think it could be an episode of some series too.

It’s a story of a teenage boy whose father(?) committed suicide and some old woman (his grandmother?) told that his father is now in purgatory. I remember city backgrounds, but the family lived in fine apartment or most likely private house (i probably remember scene on attic). Boy wasn’s sure why his father did that and started to look for a truth in a detective style. Finally he has found that his father was seen along with his male partner in his cabinet (making love, sorry for my english) and committed suicide exactly because of being noticed (mid-1900 times or earlier?), and the old woman now told boy, as he now knows, that his father actually not in purgatory but in hell because of this.

Maybe this wasn’t the end but i can’t remember anything more.

The movie was very atmospheric, i liked they way it’s been filmed at that time. I was ~10 years old.

Please help me to find it.

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