Help me find this movie

I saw this movie on netflix i think it was between 2006 – 2010 but im not sure. This group of girls with one of the girls brother goes on a trip on a canoe and while theyre camping in the forest one of the girls (who is blonde) has a crush on the girls (brown hair) brother and one scene the blonde girl and the brother are flirting and the brother starts running and trips on something on the ground and hits his head and ends up dying. The girls end up having to drag his body around on the canoe because the brothers sister wont let them bury him. They are lost and have to try to find their way back on the canoe and at one point they all agree that they have to bury the brother because its too much weight to have. A while after doing that they are found by a helicopter and the movie ends with them undigging the brothers body. I cant remember everything about it but that is what i can remember. I dont think its on netflix anymore.

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