I can’t believe I cannot find this movie anywhere, after typing scene after scene in google.  Please help!  I don’t remember the name or the two actors, male and female.

  • I watched this movie last year May/June 2019 on Showbox before it was shutdown.
  • The whole movie is in 1 room.
  • The female lead answers an ad to win I think 1 million dollars.
  • The man enters the room.  I believe he tells her he is her proxy/friend/host.
  • She will complete task against many others.  A certain number must drop out for her to be able to stop each torturing task.
  • He has a phone ear plug that tells him how many are still playing, and when she must start.
  • I think her first task was to hold her hand over a lighter/fire until a certain number of other players dropped out.
  • Another scene/task.  She has to put her foot in a wooden box he locks, and rats are released to gnaw her feet until players also in the game drop out.
  • Another scene, she must cut her finger/fingers off to the knuckle.
  • The last task/game is a gun loaded by the proxy and then spun.  She must pull the trigger.  Not enough were either killing themselves or dropping out, so her proxy kept adding bullets.  She questions if there are any others actually playing this game.
  • She ends up with enough bullets to kill him, and the man/men on the outside of this room.  The PA then announces she wins.

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