Guy can’t get out of city, angry mob chases him

So I once saw this movie where a guy goes on a date with a girl who ultimately kills herself, but she has this weird artsy roommate who brings some BDSM guy to the apartment before they go to some club. The guy is trying to get a ride out of this weird side of the city, but things keep stopping him from getting help. Like this guy said he would help him if the main character would get his keys or something like that, but when the guy gets back to the pub where he was at, everyone is gone. Then he tries to call some number from a girls phone, but as he is trying to remember and dial the number, she interrupts him by shouting random numbers that get him confused so he dials the wrong numbers and can’t get help. Then for some reason, an angry mob chases him. I remember at some point, he was on a fire escape at an apartment and looks through one of the windows and sees a woman shoot her husband. In the end, daylight is appearing and he finally gets to the more populated area of the city and escapes this weird fever-dream trip.

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