Girl wraps Christmas decor over guys neck in some sort of slim hall or something

Ok so I genuinely don’t know how I got this movie in my head again but the only scene I can remember is a woman (not sure but I think blond) takes like the fluffy Christmas decor stringy thing (or lights) and wraps it around his neck. They did this in I guess like the hallway of the house. Some other random memories of it I have are them on the bed (idk if they fricked or not) but the lighting was like blueish and also I THINK (like 20% sure) they like had some fight really no sure about that one though. Btw I know I’m describing like every hallmark movie out there but I’m like 70% sure this wasn’t a hallmark movie. I’m sorry for being so vague but I genuinely don’t remember that much and if I do somehow, I will leave it in the comments. Please comment ANY movie you think fits any of this and please remember I said im not sure about some things so not every detail HAS to match. Thanks for reading

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