Girl is bleeding out through a paper cut

I can’t remember it very well but the film focuses on a woman who gets a paper cut and it won’t stop bleeding. She goes to the hospital and a doctor there prescribes her some drugs and tells her that they will help her blood to clot so that the cut will stop bleeding. She takes the drugs but it doesn’t seem to be getting better so she goes back to the doctor and he says that they should’ve worked and I think he gives her a higher dose. This time she goes away and her symptoms get worse and her paper cut keeps bleeding. Then she realises that the drugs she has been taking are actually blood thinners and that the doctor has been trying to kill her. Then all I remember is that she’s really weak because she’s bleeding out and her and the doctor have some sort of showdown in a car park and then he gets arrested for trying to kill her. I think that the main character had brown hair and I thought it was Sandra Bullocks but I looked at all the films she’s been in and she’s never been in a film like that so it’s probably just be an actress that looks like her. Thanks in advance for any help in finding this movie.

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