Girl has a dream about being her grandmother

This is one of those time-travelley, yet sappy, gut-wrencher, Hallmark type movies.

Starts out with modern-day girl entrepreneur selling M&Ms out of her locker in an attempt to “get rich.” She goes home to her grandfather who is visiting and her question to him is, “Grandpa, are you rich?” He replies, “Oh of course I’m rich! I have you and I have your mom…”

Girl is also somewhat of an inventor and has built some sort of airplane-looking zip line cable car in the barn, or possibly finds it there and decides to try it out. This thing “flies” down from the hayloft window to the ground below. As she hits the ground, or something, she is immediately transported back in time (rather has a vision/dream) and has suddenly taken the role of her grandmother who is meeting her grandfather.

Learns some life lesson and wakes up in the hospital or in bed, having been knocked unconscious by crashing said cable car thing, but is suddenly thankful for her family more than money.

Really sappy storyline, but the name of this movie eludes me…as do various search terms I keep trying. Any clues?

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