German movie, probably about music lessons or studying musical instruments

I have a music track that has some movie dialogues incorporated as kind of music lyrics. Those phrases are in German, because the movie should be in German. The track name implies that it’s about studying musical instruments or having some music lessons.

The track was released in 2010, so movie should be somewhat older than that. I can hear two male voices, arguing. The part in German I can understand is:

— Drei Tage Wohnschule, Drei Gymnasium…

something unclear

— Drei Tage Uni

Which translates as “Three days of residential school, three days of Gymnasium… three days of University”.

Here’s as link to the track itself, in case you might decipher more phrases or those voices seem familiar to you.

2 thoughts on “German movie, probably about music lessons or studying musical instruments

  1. Hi,

    the German part goes as follows:

    “Drei Tage Grundschule, drei Tage Gymnasium, und dann – kein Honig schlecken – drei Tage Uni.

    Drei Tage Grundschule, ich dachte das schaff das nie

    Drei Tage, das schaff ich nie 2x

    Gut, dass ich mir zwischendrin mal einen Tag frei genommen hab”

    and translates to

    “Three days of elementary school, three days of high school/prep school, and then – no honey licking ( = understatement meaning”it wasn’t easy” ), three days of university.

    Three days of elementary school, I thought I’ll never make it

    Three days, I’ll never make it 2x

    Good thing, that I took a day of in between”

    I don’t know the movie though and couldn’t find anything related based on the lyrics. Are you certain it’s German? Because basically every movie gets dubbed and dubs get used for samples as well.

    1. That’s interesting. Other tracks usualy refer both to German and USA movies (Die Welle and Queen of the damned, respectively). I should have thought about such possibility.

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