German family living on a farm takes in a Jewish family

So I saw this movie as a kid (sometime in early 2000)
The plot is basically a German family that takes in a Jewish family. The German family already has kids and they tell the kids to say that the jewish boy is their cousin so they don’t get caught. The kids are all between the ages of 5-16. There is the youngest boy who’s around 6, a girl who’s around 15, two older boys around 16, and 1-2 boys around 9. There’s a scene where All the children are in the barn or attic with a pig and they have a candle and they make the pig fart to blow out the candle and they all laugh. There’s another scene where the boys are listening to the parents having sex and mimicking the mother’s moans. Another scene where the eldest boys throw the jewish boy off a cliff and into the water and then they proceed to knock the girl unconscious and rape her. When the other boys come to help, the girl wakes up and walks over to the edge of the river and lays in the water and the boys just stare. There’s another scene where the eldest boys wait near the traintracks and wait for the jews who are escaping from the train and rob them. There’s another scene where the youngest boy starts to come to the conclusion that he wants to be like Jesus or God and he runs out into the night when it’s raining and runs around and the dad of the boy gets angry at the jewish boy because the youngest boy could have gotten a cold. There’s a final scene where the nazis are loading jews up on a train and the youngest boy gets caught among them and the nazi asks the boy if he’s a jew and the boy says yes (he’s sacrificing himself) and the other boys are screaming that no he isn’t but they put the boy on the train anyways. The movie was in color and it’s not new but it’s not really old either. All the children and characters in the film have german accents.

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