Futuristic Movie/Christmas Carol-esque

I saw this movie in the early to mid 2000s.

It was in English.

It was most definitely a movie. I can’t remember if I saw it on VHS, or DVD.

It was in color.

This movie was definitely a “B” movie.

So here are a few characters that I remember: father, son (about 10 years old), mother, cop, terrorist.

The father was the main character, and he was visited by somebody from the future. I can’t remember if it was the cop, or his son. I am leaning towards his son. Anyway, this future man tells the father that his son is the most wanted man in the future. That his son is a terrorist in that time. He tells him that it’s his fault that his son turned out that way, and ends up showing him a few scenes from the future. One scene that really sticks with me is one of them in the living room. I believe his wife had left by then, or died. In the scene the father ends up beating his young teenaged son.

The other scene that I remember is the ending. The father is back in his own time, and instead of yelling at his son, he now treats him kindly. At the end of the driveway the scene is similar to one in the beginning when the terrorist son arrives from the future, only this time, his son has arrived, but is an FBI agent, and this time he’s visiting the house because he has many fond memories while living there.

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