Animated 90s movie about foxes

I saw this movie in theaters when I was little, to late 90s. It was an animation movie starred by foxes. I dont remember much about it but I think the protagonist fighting to the alpha fox, which was the main villain of the film (or so I remember it), overcame him and became the leader of the pack. Perhaps the film was an exploitation of “Balto”, by the success of that other movie. I dont know if the film was American or European but the animation style was Disney/Universal.

Its possible that part o f the movie happens in winter, with snow, but I’m not sure.

I remember my family and I were in a car and we passed near of a movie theater. We could see the posters advertising films and I was struck animated foxes poster, so I asked my mother, my grandmother and my great-grandmother to stop and go to the theater. The film had already started but we went anyway.

Does anyone know what movie would it be?

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      1. Woah! :O I think yes. The film is from the 80s but apparently in my country was released in theaters in august of 1998. Thank you very much! :DDDD (megahug) also, searching in the Internet I discovered another hungarian animated film I saw a couple of times in the Panda channel and I had already forgotten, Vili, to Veréb (Willy the Sparrow) ^^

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