From the 1970’s or early eighties. Color. English. Saw it on T.V. Plot was several men in the wilderness, looked like the Rockies, trying to survive a trek back out with a treasure. Might have been gold. They are dying off one by one I think. The specific scene that I remember is a fight ensuing between two of them (Fighting over the treasure and who should get how much portion) and then one of them falling off the trail sort of like a cliff to his death. What is so memorable is that the one that falls and dies has a belay line attached to him and the man that he had been in a fight with tries to grab the line to catch him and the rope burns out of his hands and he cannot save him so he falls to his death. Then another man (I think he is the son of the man that fell to his death) accuses the man of letting go of the rope on purpose (Because they had been in the fight). Then the man then holds up his hands to show the rope burns on his hands to prove that he tried to save him. This is all that I can remember of the movie.

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