Follows life of a poor young boy

This movie has a few scenes I can recall so I’ll write each one, not necessarily in the chronological order, because I truly can’t remember. I must have seen this movie sometime between 2004 and 2010 because I know I was quite young. The movie at least for a large chunk centers around a boy, and his very poor family. One scene I recall is this boy peeping with some buddies on his many beautiful blonde sisters getting dressed, they watch from a window and I believe they end up being caught. In another scene their father brings home a sheep head and proceeds to gross the kids out by eating the eye, saying it’s the most nutritious part or something of that nature. Another scene is that the family is very cold one night and decide to start a fire with one of the thin walls in their apartment and they have a great time tearing it down and using it, but do get caught by the landlord not long after. I also believe the father leaves them at some point in the movie. That’s all I can recall other than it was definitely in color and not something from the 40’s or 50’s because I remember the image quality being very decent.

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